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Our Students' Success Stories
Prep Zone Academy’s Admissions team has been working with students applying to medical universities for years, and every year we see near a 100% success rate. Our students have been admitted to virtually every medical school in the UK, Ireland, and Australia that is accepted by the SMC, and includes some top names such as Cambridge, Imperial, and UCL.
As decisions for our students have finished coming in, we wanted to share a little bit about what our consultants have managed to achieve together with their students. We would like to present to you some of our track record:
StudentAccepted into
T. R.Newcastle University, St. George's University of London, University Of Birmingham, University College Cork
R. A.University College London, University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh
O. F.University College London, University of Sheffield
A. G.University of Liverpool
M. M.King's College London, University of Dundee
D. H. Newcastle University, King's College London, University of Cambridge
A. G. University College London
M. L. Trinity College Dublin
M. M.King's College London, University of Bristol, University of Nottingham
S. H.Queen Mary University of London
K.S.Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine), National University of Singapore (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine)
E. T. King's College London, University of Edinburgh
R. A.Imperial College London, King's College London, University College London
S.D.National University of Singapore (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine)
I. N. University of Leicester
D. O. University Of Birmingham, University of Sheffield
A. K. Queen Mary University of London
B. T.University of Glasgow, University of Manchester
L. C. University of Bristol
X.L.Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine)
D.S.University of Leicester, University of Manchester
J.J.National University of Singapore (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine)
F.S.Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine)
D.P.Kings College London/ Medicine; University of Edinburgh/ Neuroscience; Newcastle University/ Medicine
Z.J.King's College London/ Medicine, University of Aberdeen/ Medicine
O.M.University of Manchester, MBChB Medicine; University of Sheffield, MBChB Medicine; Trinity College Dublin, MB BCh BAO Medicine
A.K.Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine), National University of Singapore (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine)
R.S.University of Aberdeen
E.P.University of Glasgow, Medicine; Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Medicine
M.M.Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine), National University of Singapore (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine)


"Both Tiffany and Simonas were very helpful with my med applications by guiding me towards what Universities expect from my application but also what makes me stand out as a candidate. During an interview preparation, Tiffany helped me develop my answers in a strategic way that would allow an examiner to understand me better as a candidate and a person. I truly believe that I landed my St George's offer because I did a mock with Tiffany a few days prior to the interview. Taking classes with Prep-zone Academy boosted my confidence and gave me realistic insight into what to expect.Thank you very much for your help!"

Accepted to St George's University of London, University of Manchester

“I heard about Prep Zone through a friend who was also at Prep Zone. I found Prep Zone’s advice for my Personal Statement and other additional questions very useful, my consultant was very reactive and sent emails to the universities to get information about the entry requirements. The different MMI preparations and the one-to-one interviews with different consultants were also very helpful, and it really helped me to be confident for the interviews themselves. I believe Prep Zone did help me efficiently throughout the application process, and my application would probably not have been as solid without Prep Zone’s experience and expertise."

Accepted to Royal College of Veterinary Science, University of Edinburgh

"I signed up for this as I was applying to college in the UK, but being in high school in the US, I had no idea how to navigate the application process and how to choose what schools to apply to. I think one of the things my consultant, Nirali, was most helpful for in the beginning was shortlisting colleges. She helped me understand which universities I would have a better chance at and made sure my list had a good amount of safety schools, targets, and reaches. In addition to that, I think the interview preparation she provided made me feel a lot less nervous and more ready for the interviews."

Accepted to King's College London

“I signed up for help for my overseas applications as I was not sure how to tailor them for the UCAS and I was not confident in my interview skills. The consultants helped me to craft my personal statements by providing tips on content, structure and flow while also helping me pick out relevant information. As for the interview preparation, the consultants simulated both MMI and panel interviews and gave expectations and points of improvement for both. They coached me in questions that broadly mirrored the style if not the exact content of the actual interview questions and made me realise how I should adapt my answers based on the question and how I should approach difficult questions in a methodical manner.”

Accepted to University College London, University of Sheffield, University of Birmingham

"I signed up with Prep Zone as I wanted to get some help making my application stand out to the Admissions Team. Given that it was my first time applying to Med Schools and university in general, I also thought that it would be better if I had someone to guide me through it. My consultant was very helpful and I could tell that she really cared about me. She was very supportive throughout my whole journey and always answered all my queries in a very friendly manner. "

Accepted to NUS

“Prep Zone was recommended to me by a friend. I felt that my consultant, Nirali was very supportive throughout all the stages of application and preparation, particularly in finalizing my personal statement. I also found my mock interviews to be extremely helpful. I did several mock interviews with many different consultants prior to my college interview which made me confident and well prepared.”

Accepted to University of Aberdeen

"It was a very enjoyable and helpful process as my consultant was always there to answer any queries I had regarding the entire process as well as work well with me to set up a schedule so that I would remain on task throughout the duration and get practice to improve myself throughout. The advise and feedback provided was very detailed and played a huge part in allowing me to learn from my mistakes and improve to end up acing the admission process."

Accepted to University of Leicester, University of Manchester

“My consultant was there for me every step of the way and it was very helpful to have that support system to get into medical school! I also found the MMI sessions very helpful. It was really helpful to have someone to email at any time about any issue I have with my application or otherwise.”

Accepted to NTU, UCL, Edinburgh, Manchester

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