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Formed in 2006, Prep Zone Academy™ consists of a team of dedicated standardised test prep trainers and admissions consultants. For 13 years, we have been helping and working alongside prospective students applying to medical schools in destinations such as the UK, Ireland, Singapore, and Australia.

As Singapore’s largest and most acclaimed test centre, we have the resources and expertise to help students with their Medical school aspirations. Our qualified trainers offer flexible UCAT, BMAT, ISAT, and PQA courses tailored to the needs of our students, while our admissions experts help you with your application, personal statements, and interview preparation.

Medical School Application Packages

Singapore Only

Apply to NTU and NUS.

SGD 4,000.00

(with GST)

Most Popular

Singapore & UK

1 UCAS application + NUS & NTU

SGD 6,000.00

(with GST)

UK Only

1 UCAS Application

SGD 5,000.00

(with GST)

What's Included in a Package

  • School Shortlisting
  • Admissions Consultation
  • Timeline Management
  • Application Assistance
  • Profile Building
  • Essay Strategy & Revision
  • Interview Preparation
  • MMI Simulation

Our Track Record

What Our Students Have to Say

I felt that the consultation was really effective. The most helpful area and time-consuming one was practising for interviews. The deep bank of questions as well as Sooyeon’s ability to question and probe as well as give advice ensured that I always came out of the sessions with something better.
The help in the Personal Statement was also exemplary. The fact that there was more than 1 consultant looking at it made the quality of the Personal statement much higher than it had been initially.
Overall, I was very happy with how easy it was to get along with Sooyeon, which greatly helped my application and skills. Sooyeon also utilizing the concept of ‘homework’, where she gave me stuff to do also made me less lost and ensured that I was able to keep a track of what I was doing and ensure that I would meet deadlines.


I signed up with Prep Zone academy as I wanted to study medicine in the UK and I needed more detailed and focused advice which I could not get very much of in my own school. My consultants made my application process much smoother and less stressful. I definitely feel that they have helped me land my admission offers. They answered many questions about universities and the application process, answers which I could not find easily online. With so many different universities, they helped me pick the most suitable according to my grades and my own wishes. However, I think the biggest way my consultants helped me was through my personal statement, which was very challenging to write, especially with the word limit. They advised me on which of my experiences to write about and how to make my personal statement appeal to the universities. They were also very detailed in their advice, as we went through several drafts with a lot of meticulous editing before getting to the final draft.


I signed up with Prep Zone in order to facilitate my application process in a stress-free manner, and this was carried out in exceptional fashion. Not only was I ahead of the curve, I was also well informed regarding university admissions to my preferred destinations by my consultants Lina and Nirali. Both of them worked with me on my personal statement quite extensively and this was a key factor in my success. Having a strong personal statement, as a candidate for both biomed and med I showed interest in both fields and this strengthened my application. This is solely attributed to the work put in by both my consultants. In finality, the organisation as a whole proved to be very helpful by providing the right guidance and support over the last few years.

VishaalTrinity College Dublin (Medicine)

I think both Lina and Nirali were extremely helpful in my application process, none of my applications would have been the quality they are without them. In addition to making my applications so well the consultants also encouraged me throughout the process especially when I was extremely nervous about my applications.

DevikaUCC (Medicine) and King’s (Medicinal Chemistry) (Medicine)

It's been a joyful experience of working with the two consultants. It's very nice of Sooyeon to ask Christy who is a law graduate to take charge of my interview preparation. The mock interview was of the most help for me because it trained me to remain calm, focused and analytical in a highly intense setting and the constant encouragement from the two consultants did boost my confidence along the way.


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