SMC Approved Medical Schools

In order to practice medicine in Singapore, you need to be registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Here’s a list of the SMC medical schools.

University Name
RankingKnown for:Subject RequirementsTestLength (years)
University of Oxford#1With its impeccable reputation overall, Oxford has great clinical, research experiences to offer along with a very rigorous programme academically. It offers 3 full clinical years and plentiful research involvement.ChemistryBMAT5
University of Cambridge#2Cambridge is one of the most renowned medical schools in the world, offering students an extensive 3 year clinical period within their traditional course structure.ChemistryBMAT6
University of Glasgow#3In Glasgow, over 91% of its medical students were satisfied with their rigorous programme. They focus on small-group and problem-based learning with plentiful collaborations with hospitals in the area.ChemistryUCAT5
University of Edinburgh#4Edinburgh’s rich medical programme will enable people to have work placement, research, and problem-based experiences, along with having a personal tutor as well.ChemistryUCAT6
University of Dundee#5Dundee’s relatively small medical school is advantageous to those wishing to have focused attention in their innovative, top-ranking 5 year programme.ChemistryUCAT5
Imperial College London#6As a hub for medical sciences in general, Imperial offers a great medical programme with rigour, research intensity, and the ability to learn and practice in hospitals around the city of London.Chemistry and BiologyBMAT6
Queen Mary, U. of London#7As one of the oldest in the UK, Queen Mary Medical School will provide an enriching medical education, particularly for those seeking a less tradition, and more problem-based approach to their studies.Chemistry or BiologyUCAT5
University of BristolBristol is a great school, particularly for students wishing a more hands-on approach early on. Their integrated approach is combined with working with other medical professionals makes it a unique school to study in.ChemistryUCAT5
University College London#9UCL’s dedication towards natural science and medicine makes it a great destination for a medical degree. As part of Academic Health Centre in Europe, it exposes students not only to various research opportunities, but also theory and practice integration with many work attachment opportunities.Chemistry and BiologyBMAT6
University of Cardiff#11Cardiff’s first years prepare you for the higher-level learning required to excel in their integrated clinical years. Students get to learn via the spiral model and have most of Whales as their professional classroom.Chemistry and BiologyUCAT5
King's College London#13King’s medical curriculum integrates clinical teaching with medical science throughout, preparing students for future employment. With some of the most regarded partner hospitals in London, students will surely be prepared to become working professionals.Chemistry and BiologyUCAT5
University of Sheffield#15Sheffield’s integrated medical degree course puts the student’s desires first, and gives students early clinical exposure. Students are also exposed to professional environments and undergo placements within their years of study.Chemistry or BiologyUCAT5
University of Nottingham#16At Nottingham, students will begin their integrated Bachelor of Medical Sciences in the first 3 years, continuing with a Bachelor of Surgery in later years. Among the highlights are offered full-body dissections and early regular visits to hospitals.Chemistry and BiologyUCAT5
University of Manchester#22Manchester is the largest medical school in the UK, where they use both traditional and problem-based, small group learning methods. It allows for whole body anatomy studies, and offers many hospital placements throughout the years.ChemistryUCAT5
University of Birmingham#26Pointing towards innovation and research, Birmingham prides itself in its programme that allows for extensive work opportunities in their partner hospitals during years of study.Chemistry and BiologyUCAT5
University of Leicester#27Leicester dedicates itself to prepare people for the dynamic workforce after studies, promising early patient exposure for those enrolled.ChemistryUCAT5
University of Southampton#28Entering Southampton’s medical school, you will become part of their dedicated hospital and Life Sciences building. Besides being exposed to early clinical interactions, you will be part of a research-intense university environment.Chemistry and BiologyUCAT5
University of Liverpool#31Liverpool commits to a spiral model of education, ensuring repeat and in-depth instruction on core medical subjects. Students will have the chance to undertake placements around the city with NHS Trusts throughout their 2nd and 5th years.Chemistry and BiologyUCAT5
St George's, U. of London#32At St. George’s, you will be able to enjoy a campus integrated with one of the largest hospitals in the UK. Apart from a great curriculum, available is full body prosection, inter-professional collaborations.Chemistry and BiologyUCAT5