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Pre-Medical School Enrichment Program

Prepare for a successful medical school admission

The road to medical schools is not easy, as most medical schools look for students with stellar grades, top standardised test scores, and exceptional qualities relevant to healthcare and ethics.

Prep Zone Academy’s Pre-Medical School Enrichment Program consists of 4 tutorial sessions (2 hours each) for Math and Verbal which will guide students through important academic skills and topics before starting on their UCAT / BMAT preparation. Enrolling students will also receive a dedicated medical school consultation session with our veteran consultants.

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Program Overview

Math Sessions

  • Mental Math (2 hours)
  • Data Interpretation (2 hours)

Verbal Sessions

  • Argument Analysis (2 hours)
  • Reading Skills (2 hours)

Complimentary Medical School Consultation (1-hour)

October - December Cycle


Medical School Consultation – To be done individually and depending on the student’s schedule


Our Pre-Medical School Enrichment Program has ended.

If you would like any help with pre-medical school preparation or for any further inquiries, call us at +65 6812 9999 or email us at