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At Prep Zone Academy, we have successfully helped numerous students prepare for these interviews every year and secure offers to both medical schools. During your MMI Preparation session with our admissions experts, you will be…


For all applicants to local medical schools, interviews play a huge role in the application process. Both Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and LKC School of Medicine host Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) (also called Focused Skills Assessment by NUS) on campus in April.

You will need to sit through Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) as the last stage of your admissions process. In addition to your motivation, schools want to know about your background, extracurricular activities and even understanding of healthcare issues and ethics.

There will be 5-6 timed interview stations, each examining specific characteristics of the candidate. The station can be a mini-interview or performance of a focused task. In addition to your motivation for medicine, these stations will involve questions on leadership skills, extracurricular activities and even understanding of healthcare issues and ethics. The stations with tasks may involve puzzles, picture analysis and role-play. Some stations may also involve teamwork with other students.

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