UK Medical School Application Seminar

UK Medical School Application Seminar | Prep Zone Academy

The UK has some of the best medical schools in the world. Their undergraduate degrees are especially attractive to high school students. Over the last few years, Prep Zone students have applied successfully to schools like Cambridge, Imperial, UCL and Edinburgh, Bristol and Manchester.

In this free 1.5-hour seminar, Prep Zone Academy’s Admissions Experts will walk you through the application process. Outstanding academic and standardised tests scores are important. The other part of the equation is to have a good, unique application profile that sets you apart from your peers.

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Seminar Agenda

The seminar will discuss the following topics:

  • UK Medical School Introduction
  • How can you stand out: Entry requirements and profile building
  • Significance of the tests to your application profile
  • How to write your UCAS Personal Statement
  • Preparing for the interviews including the challenging MMIs
  • Test preparation & application timeline
  • Q & A session

Seminar Details

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

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