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Australia is a fantastic destination for those interested in studying medicine. For one, the country boasts of having 5 universities in the Top 50 ranking of the world’s best medical schools. University of Sydney is no. 15 overall, and University of Melbourne – 19. Apart from that, Australia is also popular for its proximity to Singapore and because their schools are Singapore Medical Council recognized. The relative ease of applying to Australian med schools as well as the deadlines coming later than other regions makes it an attractive place for those who really want to focus on UK and Singapore admissions and keep Australia as an option too.

Academic Requirements

  • A Levels: Varies

Sydney: A+C | Monash: min 3 As | UNSW: 22, calculated with the best three H1 subjects, the best three H2 subjects and one H3 subject. Scores indicated in the table are derived from the following values: H1 – A=2.5, B=2, C=1.5, D=1, E=0.5; H2 – A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1; H3 – Distinction = 2.5, Merit = 1.5, Pass = 1.

  • IB Program: ~38, Chemistry in HL
  • Coursework: Chemistry, Biology, Math, Physics

Extracurriculars, school clubs, and leadership positions demonstrating teamwork skills, empathy, and communication will help your applications stand out. It is highly recommended for students to have volunteering experiences, especially ones that are related to medical or care settings.

Students are considered competitive if they completed doctor shadowing in clinics or hospitals prior to applying.

Standardised Testing Requirements

Most Australian medical schools will require that international students take the ISAT standardized test. Students are allowed to take it once every 12 months, and it is valid for 2 years. Thus, we suggest that students begin taking it in Year 11.

The University of Adelaide – requires prospective students to take the UCAT ANZ test instead of the ISAT. UNSW is more flexible and accepts either of the two.

A competitive ISAT score is above 170. For further assistance, Prep Zone Academy offers ISAT and UCAT ANZ test preparation.

Deadlines range from February to July.


Competitive applicants will be shortlisted to participate in an interview conducted by the school of their choice either in Australia or in the region. Interviews are either one-on-one, panel, or Mixed Multiple Interviews (MMI) where candidates rotate around several stations with questions. Topics covered in interviews are:

  • Personal character qualities and fit for medicine
  • Motivation to study medicine
  • Knowledge of the field
  • Medical ethics and situational judgement
  • Teamwork
  • Role play
  • Motivation to study at the specific university

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