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Established in 2006, Prep Zone Academy™ has helped hundreds of students get into the top medical schools in the UK, Singapore and Ireland. We help students with all aspects of the application, from school research and shortlisting to test prep (UCAT, BMAT, ISAT & PQA), personal statement editing and interview preparation.

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MMI Interview Preparation

MMI Simulation Date(s): December 11th, December 18th

Prep Zone Academy will be conducting 2 MMI Simulations this December where you will be exposed to near-identical conditions that you would encounter in your medical school interview. Attendees will receive a detailed written feedback on their performance & tips to improve for their real interview.

  • Total Duration: 2 hours (including orientation and an introduction to the MMI format)
  • Number of Stations: 5 – 6 stations
  • Number of Attendees: Maximum 10 attendees – spots are limited to ensure that you get the most out of the simulation. Priority will be given on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Location: Online
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UK Medical Schools Admissions Webinar

Date: Sunday, 19 December 2021
Time: 2:00PM – 3:30PM Singapore Time (GMT+8)

In this free webinar, Prep Zone Academy’s Admissions Experts will walk you through the application process. Outstanding academic and standardised tests scores are important. The other part of the equation is to have a good, unique application profile that sets you apart from your peers.

We have invited a second year Cambridge medical school student as a guest speaker who will be sharing her experiences and advice for prospective medical school students.

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Pre-Medical School Enrichment Program

Start Date(s): January 16th, 2022

Prep Zone Academy’s Pre-Medical School Enrichment Program consists of 4 tutorial sessions (2 hours each) for Math and Verbal which will guide the student through important academic skills and topics required for a good UCAT / BMAT score.

Math Sessions: Mental Math, Data Interpretation
Verbal Sessions: Argument Analysis, Reading Skills
Enrolling students will also receive a dedicated medical school consultation session with our veteran consultants

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The Road to Medical Schools – What are medical schools looking for?

As some of the most competitive programs, all medical schools are definitely looking for stellar high school grades. Moreover, to distinguish between academically qualified students, schools often tend to use standardised tests like the UCAT, BMAT, ISAT or PQA. Most importantly, through the students’ profile schools are looking for qualities like passion for medicine, teamwork, leadership skills, compassion, communication skills and a strong understanding of healthcare and ethics. Medical schools are looking to recruit aspiring doctors who demonstrate not only academic aptitude, but qualities that would help them succeed in medical school and beyond.

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Hear from our successful applicants

Names of students have been changed to protect their privacy

“I signed up for help for my overseas applications as I was not sure how to tailor them for the UCAS and I was not confident in my interview skills. The consultants helped me to craft my personal statements by providing tips on content, structure and flow while also helping me pick out relevant information.

As for the interview preparation, the consultants simulated both MMI and panel interviews and gave expectations and points of improvement for both. They coached me in questions that broadly mirrored the style if not the exact content of the actual interview questions and made me realise how I should adapt my answers based on the question and how I should approach difficult questions in a methodical manner.”

Medicine at UCL, Sheffield, & Birmingham

“Both Tiffany & Simonas were very helpful with my med applications by guiding me towards what Universities expect from my application but also what makes me stand out as a candidate. During an interview preparation, Tiffany helped me develop my answers in a strategic way that would allow an examiner to understand me better as a candidate and a person. I truly believe that I landed my St George’s offer because I did a mock with Tiffany a few days prior to the interview. Taking classes with Prep Zone Academy boosted my confidence and gave me realistic insight into what to expect.Thank you very much for your help!”

Medicine at St. George’s & Manchester

“I signed up for this as I was applying to college in the UK, but being in high school in the US, I had no idea how to navigate the application process and how to choose what schools to apply to. I think one of the things my consultant, Nirali, was most helpful for in the beginning was shortlisting colleges. She helped me understand which universities I would have a better chance at and made sure my list had a good amount of safety schools, targets, and reaches. In addition to that, I think the interview preparation she provided made me feel a lot less nervous and more ready for the interviews.”

Medicine at King’s College London

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